The Right Angle




Now, you can generate maximum width and extension… then “FIRE” the club with a powerful on-line release.

Hit it longer. Hit it straighter. Hit it more consistently. Kiss your slice goodbye. ONE TRAINING AID DOES IT ALL. It’s called the Right Angle 2 and here’s what happens:

  • You automatically get the club hinged correctly on the backswing.
  • You automatically get your right arm in it’s most powerful position: a right angle.
  • You automatically generate maximum width and extension.
  • You automatically generate a powerful, on-line release

Yes, you can feel exactly what world-renowned teacher Rick Smith teaches. Experience the feel. Right Angle 2 comes with a 20 minute video by Rick Smith. (Rick Smith is teacher to Phil Mickelson, Lee Janzen, Rocco Mediate, and Billy Andrade).


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